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K Cup Holder Assembly

The k-cup holder assembly for keurig coffee maker k200 k300 k400 k500 k600 k700 k800 k1000 k1500 k2000 k3000 k4000 k5000 k6.

Top 10 K Cup Holder Assembly

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K Cup Holder Assembly Amazon

This keurig replacement k cup holder assembly for the k200 k300 k400 k500 series can protect your cup while you're on the go. Theote mr especially important for those who use their cup for social occasions such as coffee, tea, or hot chocolate. this is a k cup holder as assembled by keurig. You can find replacement parts for this cup holder elsewhere if you want. If you just want the complete unit, here it is. This cup holder is an exact copy of the one in the keurig 2. 0 model. It is made from the same high-quality materials and has the same perfect fit. this is a genuine keurig 2. 0 coffee cup pod holder needle assembly replacement part. It is for a 2. 0 cup coffee pod. It is a little small so you will need to place it in very securely so that it doesn't fall out. It comes with a genuine keurig 2. 0 coffee cup pod holder assembly. the new k cup holder assembly is a perfect replacement for the keurig b60 b66 k70 b70 k90 cup holder. This assembly is designed to allow for easy storage and access to your k-cup pods.