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K Cups Gift Basket

Looking for a fun and uncomplicated surrogate to give something good to your coffee lover? Look no further than the k cup Gift box with coffee lovers! This Gift basket includes a mug sock set and a coffee mug set, which makes it just the right surrogate to sweeten the gift.

Green Mountain Coffee K Cup Gift Baskets

The green mountain coffee k-cup sampler packs are practical choice to get your hands on some top grade coffee beans, this set includes a bold flavored and a regular k-cup coffee beans. Our gingerbread metal tray cookies and candy mug set comes with four coffee pods and four hot coco candy cups, the k-cup pods come with their own treat bowl and fridge. Starbucks provides got your covered with this sweet Gift basket! Looking for a fun and unique alternative to give coffee lovers a Gift basket? Don't search more than the k-cups Gift basket with mug socks! This little mug sock basket comes with a few way items such as a coffee mug, a cup of coffee, and some delicious k-cups coffee drink mix, plus, it's got a bit of a stylish look to it without too many changes on your part. Give your friends and family this fun and unique Gift basket and let them enjoy coffee without having to worry about breaking the bank, looking for a new and exciting surrogate to give gifts? Don't search more than the coffee-atible gifts! Check out our green mountain coffee k-cup Gift baskets with mug socks! These baskets come with a mug socks Gift box with goodies about coffee love, like a mug, a sock, and a key ring.