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Peppermint Bark K Cups

Looking for a great value for coffee? look no further than the 12count peppermint bark coffee k-cups! These cups are perfect for on-the-go and come with a 12-count bag, so you can have a full cup of coffee in under 12 minutes! Plus, the peppermint bark flavor will be sure to please!

Peppermint Bark K-Cup Pods, 24/Box EXP(11/23)

Peppermint Bark K-Cup Pods, 24/Box EXP(11/23)

By The Original Donut Shop


Cheap Peppermint Bark K Cups

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Peppermint Bark K Cups Walmart

Peppermint bark coffee pods is a great value for coffee lovers. These pods offer 6 cups of minty bark for the perfect cup of coffee. The peppermint flavor is blend well with any coffee lover. This k-cup pack comes in at 72 count which means that you can enjoy your coffee with the minty flavor caramel for over-the- counter coffee brewing. this keurig k cup flavor jigsaw puzzle is perfect for filling up your peppermint bark cuppa for one. With 36 different flavors, you'll be able to find your favorite one to drink. peppermint bark is a natural product made from the leaves and branches of peppermint trees. It is a naturalelight mixture that is used to create the traditional peppermint tea. The tea is also used to add flavor to other drinks. the donut shop is the original coffee shop that provides a sweet and savory mix of peppermint and coffee. Our coffee is perfect for morning starts or an end of day pick-me-up. 144 cards and 24 k cups make it easy to choose the right cup for you.